Pictures from the 100G DWDM interop lab

These are some pictures from the coherent 100G DWDM interoperability tests performed in the TeraStream lab. Read the full story and look at the router configuration.

1500km fiber test path

All tests have been completed over a DWDM system in our lab. It can be slightly reconfigured but have been at least 1500km in all the tests.

The basic topology 1600km fiber path topology

It’s amplified with these EDFAs every 80km: DWDM amps

No RAMANs! Here’s the whole amp rack: DWDM rack

The fiber rolls 1600km of fiber rolls

In a previous, slightly less carrier-grade, incarnation: old DWDM rack and fiber

Router DWDM linecards


The first Juniper implementation was a pure beta build with the optical parts in a separate chassis and grey 100G-SR10 link back to the MX960. It looks more like a transponder but management happened exclusively from the router and the components could later simply be integrated on a linecard instead of in a separate chassis. I believe four of these were built all in all of which two three (one broke, so we got a replacement) ended up with us. Juniper beta 100G coherent DWDM box

Juniper have since released a proper linecard. It’s a single port 100G card and instead of utilizing a CFP they have shrunk it down to a CFP2. Specifically CFP2-ACO which means it’s analog and all the DSP magic is happening on the linecard unlike the earlier CFP which had pretty beefy DSPs of its own.

Juniper 100G coherent CFP2-ACO linecard

We still have one of the first generation “transponders” from Juniper in use as part of a PNI (private peering link) with NorduNet (AS2603). NorduNet is running Juniper routers and they have it connected to their router in Hamburg which is then linked over a piece of metro dark fibre to a TeraStream Nokia 7750 router.


Nokia, previously Alcatel-Lucent (previously TiMetra), were one of the early partners behind the 100G DWDM standard and were also early with putting together a line card for their 7750 router:

Nokia 100G coherent for 7750

They are now also rolling new 2-port cards for the 7950, which we’re about to install. Here’s me with one of those cards:

Me holding Nokia 100G coherent for 7950

And installed in router (the one on the left - the right one is for grey optics):

Nokia 100G coherent for 7950


Cisco has a couple of different generations. Here’s one of the first for the ASR9000 router, which has since been discontinued:

Cisco old 100G linecard

There is also a transponder for the ONS15454 that integrates with the router, much like the Juniper solution, so the DWDM configuration can be managed by the router but the optical components are situated in a ONS15454 chassis. I don’t currently have a picture of this however.

Laserbeak is Cisco’s latest addition to the family of 100G cards that support the standard, here in the middle (also with 20x10GE ports);

Cisco Laserbeak

The Laserbeak card also uses the more modern CFP2-ACO optical modules.


Last but not least we have stack of Huawei routers. The 2-port card in the first two slots is the 100G card: Pile of Huawei routers

Written on September 23, 2016